Sunday, 26 January 2014

week four by my iPhone - jan 20 - 26.

favourite things..
  • picking up the keys for my first own home!!
  • champagne, lilies and new house cards!
  • curry night in with mum and luke
  • out with aaron and lauren to nandos, bison and bird, followed by clapham picture house to see the wolf of wall street
  • diy days
  • seeing my nonna and nonno and eating brodo followed by a cheeky flake
  • lunch with my gorgeous grace
  • standing up for myself
  • my cgi knowledge
  • chocolate meditation - that's right!
  • finding out that carluccios does cooking courses - I am going!
  • starting of #100happydays
  • the flat starting to come together
  • getting packages delivered to work
  • miss emily bench texting me hilarious messages - oh I miss her!
  • my mindfulness book
  • johnny playing - guess where I am - with pictures
  • getting great feedback at work
  • long phone call catch ups with ruben and jay

favourite quotes..
  • 'absolutely smashed it'
  • 'so how do you defrost a freezer?'
  • 'whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.'
  • 'one wild and precious life'

Sunday, 19 January 2014

week three by my iPhone - jan 13 - 19.

favourite things..
  • rich's birthday at voltaire and carriage 34
  • skype with my bestie whilst he's out in oz
  • johnny being an amazing friend
  • finishing off my realflow test
  • showers, fresh sheets and early nights

Sunday, 12 January 2014

friendships versus relationships.

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"... But the difference between romantic love and friendship love is that romantic love involves a lot of compromise. It is a very giving type of love. With friendship, you can be a little bit more autonomous. You are not expected to compromise, in the same way. Maybe that's why friendships tend to last longer. I don't know." - Olivia Wilde

'As someone whose friendships crossed over into (unsuccessful) romantic relationships a few times in the past, I'm sort of fascinated by what creates a strong friendship versus a strong relationship. I think she's right: It's a matter of expectations, effort, and a natural, inevitable willingness on both ends to go all-in. Compromise, though, and a very selfless, giving love — that does seem to be the crux of it.' - Laura

week two by my iPhone - jan 6 - 12.

favourite things..
  • exchanging on my flat!!!!
  • girls night out
  • going to my nonnas for breakfast and cooking lunch with her
  • bumping into old friends
  • sour dough and smoked salmon sandwiches - amazingggg
  • a christmas story about a strong catholic, homosexuals, an asian bride, a crazy grandma, and a pagan wizard - you just can't write some of this stuff!!
  • zac efron
  • the 1975
  • adventure bar in clapham
  • homemade lasagna
  • zizzi dinner with wine
  • bread street cocktails - a raspberry daiquiri as always

favourite quotes..
  • 'suck it up Miley.. I was there first.. 2009 baby!'
  • 'I cartwheeled naked on stage'
  • 'I shat in my pants - can I get into yours?'.. dear god..
  • 'well done on your baubles' *with inappropriate hand gestures*
  • 'hilarrrrrr'.. 'ious'..
  • 'come fly with me lets fly lets fly away'
  • 'it's your life'
  • 'do you feel free?'
  • 'you must have weird and crazy things in your head to create that'
  • 'you could liquidise milk with that voice'
  • 'mum mum mum mummy mum mum mum mum mummy'
  • 'you would only think he's scary if he said you to 'get on the scaaaaaaaaalesssss''

favourite clips..

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